About The Youth Village Project

The Youth Village project will give the youth of Battle Creek the opportunity to define, manifest, live in, prosper in and pass on an ever evolving vision to succeeding generations. From the careers and entrepreneurship ventures they want to pursue, to the arts and entertainment “spots” they’d like to create, to the housing and neighborhoods they’d like to create, to the housing and neighborhoods they’d like to develop, to the education and knowledge they’d like to obtain, to the sports and recreation activities they’d like to participate in – The Youth Village will provide a progressive, clean and actionable path to enact positive changes from the minds of our community youth.

Young people will be engaged through the Youth Village Project and trained by instructors in business, entrepreneurship, development, cultural and community planning and personal growth development. They will be empowered to create a bold vision for the future of Battle Creek that brings a legitimate youth voice to city planning. The result of the “Youth Village” will be an exciting road map to a future Battle Creek that comes from the hearts, minds and spirits of the youth who will inherit it.


In the spirit of inclusion and economic development, we are asking our partners to invest in its urban youth and west end of downtown Battle Creek. Help New Level Sports Ministries to continue its work with our most vulnerable youth and urban community in a much greater capacity. We believe that this investment will bring forth positive returns in the area of education, arts, personal development, industry and athletics (Jobs, Talent, Culture of Vitality).


Physical Development
Academic Enrichment
Personal Growth
Artistic Expression

Helping our community blossom - together

Our Legacy

For more than a decade we have been dedicated to growing and mentoring youth. Below we have highlighted just a few alumni of New Level Sports that are dedicated to investing in our city and our kids.







The Master Plan

About The Youth Village Project

New Level Sports Ministries is a non-profit youth support service committed to developing purpose-driven individuals that will be highly effective in all aspects of life. Over the past fourteen years, New Level Sports Ministries (NLSM) has served over 10,000 urban youth and their families. Our efforts have inspired, encouraged and directed many young people toward achieving dreams and aspirations. It has been amazing to watch youth who were once hopeless, begin to discover their opportunities utilizing the skills, abilities and talents within them. NLSM has very high standards and works tirelessly so our youth can learn to model those standards and attain success. Education, Personal Growth, Arts, Industry and Sports are our five foundational pillars. We believe every young person, despite his or her background, has the ability to achieve their goals and dreams. Countless testimonies from youth who have completed our program have proven that our approach is effective.

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